Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanks Kellie

I was asked a question by someone last week and wanted to clarify why I chose to invite Kellie on this annual trip. Four years ago I decided that I wanted to visit my old alma mater once a year. I decided it would be a wonderful treat to go when other alums were visiting specifically band alums.

I marched only one semester, but I had the best time and always enjoyed watching them perform while I was there. The first year I attended alone. I stayed at "nana's house" and had a great time there. I had a marvelous time on campus and ran into a dear college friend of mine. P.S Nana was one of my supervisors at the bookstore that everyone calls Nana. :)

The next year, I decided that while it was fun to go alone it would be better to go with someone else. I wanted to show my husband what it was like for me so we went on the trip together. He finally saw what I enjoyed through middle, high school, and some of college. We made the weekend a little vacation and had a blast.

Last year, I thought I would take my best friend. A true blue band geek. The trip didn't turn out exactly how I planned, but the time I spent on campus I will cherish and the time I spent with my friend I will never forget. :)

So when it was time to plan for this trip, I thought about my options. I had no idea who to ask. Most people I know now really don't go for this whole "band" thing. A while back though, I found an old friend from high school. In passing, I mentioned that I had this alumni thing in November every year. Next thing I know, we have a planned trip to go together.

Here's a picture that Kellie took on my camera in the afternoon. Pardon the hair. It was hot. It had to go up. Note the black shirt around my waist. Prior to this photo: I had on 1 t-shirt, 2 long sleeve shirts, scarf and winter jacket. Had the t-shirt been under my long sleeve shirt, I would have only had on the t-shirt at this point.

I am truly grateful that Kellie & I found each other after all these years. This weekend has to be one of the best that I have ever spent with a friend. Thank you Kellie for a memorable weekend.

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