Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much this year to be thankful for in my life. The list person in me wants to make a list. :)

God, Family, Friends, Health, Pets, Home, Gas (of the car variety and the heater variety - not the out of bottom variety .. :) ), Carolina Basketball, Work, Voting, Water, Food, finding old friends, enjoying time with people, and so much more.

On the Health Front, I am thankful that I can run up the stairs. Last year this time, I could barely walk up them. I have this thing where I "count the stairs" every day when I go down them so that I don't fall. I realized yesterday morning when I go to the bottom (all whopping number 4) that I failed to count and I didn't fall. I am thankful for that. :)

I am thankful that I can eat cheese whenever I want. Silly I know, but last year this time I could only have things dairy related 2 hours away from my medication. I *love* cheese. I think my children's name will be Mac and Colby. How many of you are laughing? How many of you are scratching your heads because you don't get it yet?

I am thankful that I can go about two weeks going to bed late without me needing to catch up on sleep. And by "late," I mean past 8pm. Last night I had to catch up with 11 1/2 hours of sleep, but I should be good to go for another two weeks of nights where I can stay up until 9pm.

I am thankful that my wonderful husband did all this research so that we could find the doctor I am seeing. He has been a gift from God. Surely by now I would have perished had we not found him. I am reminded of this line from July "I have GOD, I have HOPE .. I have FAITH .. I have FAMILY and I have FRIENDS. What more can I ask for? Just one more thing... I want to say .. I have HEALTH."

Now my Health isn't what other people would call health. I catch a cold just by looking at a picture of a germ, but if a cold is the biggest of my worries ... that's a blessing. I meant to get a little mask for my mouth/nose for today's thanksgiving festivities. I forgot. Oh well who wants to look at me with a mask on anyways. I'll be sick within a week, but who cares. I will do my Vitamin C and Glutathione and the rest of my minerals and vitamins and I'll be good to go after about 3 weeks of coughing and hacking.

Besides What is Christmas without a cold? I don't think I have ever truly been well on Christmas. So what's one more? :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Remember even if you can't get out of the bed on this wonderful day, you still have a lot to be thankful for ... Because if you can read this post ... you are alive. That is a glory in and of itself. :) (and if you can eat ham/turkey and other thanksgiving foods ... you should be VERY thankful. YUMMMMMMMY).

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