Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Back part 2

I'm wrote this Sunday night to be published later. Today is that later. :)

I left work around 11:30 and started on my drive to Kellie's. Kellie lives about 90 minutes from my work and I have never been there. Anyone that knows me knows that I am terrified to go anywhere new and different.

Well my dear friends, I made it there safe and sound with no troubles at all. Thanks to Kellie's great directions and my ability to analyze the mess out of it before I left on google maps ... I was able to find her home without any trouble and very little anxiety.

My friend and wonderful chauffeur accompanied me to Western. We found our ways to the hotel for the weekend and then went on to Western Carolina for a fun filled trip to the bookstore. Now I wasn't there to buy books, but see old supervisors. I called all these ladies "Mom" while I was there so it was nice to see them again. I wish I had seen Mama Debbie, but alas not this trip.

I'm already struggling with memory issues, but we did a quick drive by tour of campus and ate dinner. We sat up and talked until way too late remembering good times from high school.

Part 3 to be continued.

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