Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Carolina Frenzy 3

Rob and I got up bright and early to head to Carolina's beautiful campus. I have been there many times, but every time I go I am blown away by the beauty. We arrived about 9 am or so and got to the basketball museum at 9:30 after the long walk from the parking deck. I have been looking forward to seeing that museum since it opened up at the beginning of this year.

These are balls from previous NCAA games. How awesome is that. I took lots of pictures especially from the 1993 game (which is the ball with the net on it). Why do I love the 1993 season? ONE reason and ONE reason alone. Eric Montross.

I knew that I had one goal in mind. That goal was to find every single thing from Eric Montross and photograph it. :) I took pictures of his jersey ... his shoes ... his awards .. his name in print. Upon entering the museum there was a short video and he even had a speaking part in it. Oh gosh it was a pleasure to watch. I about collapsed from his beauty (I know what you're thinking and YES after 14 years he still makes me weak in the knees). One of my photos is me beside his jersey. Yes I had my husband take about FOUR or FIVE of those just in case they turned out bad. :)

It was in the floor. :) How cool is that? You can't see the photo that well, but the other "important" detail for me was that they had January 27th on it. And that is SO my birthday. :) I was in the Dean Dome for that game. The ball inside is from the UNC vs. Michigan game in April of 1993. Eric Montross and other team mates signed that ball. :)

I have never been so excited about UNC Basketball in my life. I felt the excitement in the room even from the Georgia Tech fans that were there for the football game. Though it was a little disheartening to hear a GT fan say "Did you see this? Some guy had to wear this cheesy mask last season." SOME GUY .. Tyler Hansbrough is not some guy .. He is a special guy. He is THE Man.

I have tons of pictures, but of course can't post them all. Know that most of them were Montross oriented. :) I had so much fun at the Museum. Then came "the Walk."

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