Sunday, November 2, 2008

Percussion Passion

Since the time I was able to participate in band, I was very passionate about percussion. I was passionate that I hated it. I hated the drumming, constant beating, oversized egotistical people that generally played drums. It wasn't that I hated the sounds of drums; it's that the people that I knew that played them were arrogant and not so nice.

Plus, I was a colorguard member. It was an unwritten rule that guard members must hate drumline people. When I arrived at Western, the percussionist were a horse of a different color. They were friendly and excelled at their instruments. I was hesitant to say that I liked them so I kept it a secret. A deep dark secret that I must finally under cover.

I, Jennifer, love Western Carolina's Pride of the Mountains Marching Band Percussion Line. They are amazingly precise, funny and though their egos are probably the size of Catamount Gap ... they are the BEST percussion line I have EVER heard. I told Matt Henley that they improve every year. He told me not to tell them or their heads would just swell even bigger than they already were. :) Just goes to show that even the Percussion Instructor thinks they have big heads. :)

Here are the Bass Drummers. I love this picture. :) It's one of my favorites of all the pictures I took all weekend.

Note a few things in this second photo. First the beautiful leaf colors. Fall at Western ... it's the best. Second .. notice the drum sticks. See anything beautiful about that. They were doing what they do. I snapped a photo and they are all at the same angle. AMAZING. Third. See the fellow 2nd in line on the left on the front row. I bet he's got the biggest head of them all. :) Just to throw it out there. I love them all, but ya know have to crack on at least one of them. Fourth: Look at their feet. Same way. All of them. AMAZING. They are just practicing and it's that synchronized.

There you have it. My confession. I love them. I really do.

Confession number two is that it was extremely hard to even watch the guards with all the cool drill that the band had this year. *wow* They were really on the top of their game when they wrote the drill for the percussion and band. The visual effects were out of this world.

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