Friday, November 21, 2008

Mercury Toxicity

For a while now, we have thought there was some Heavy Metals in my body. It showed up in my live cell analysis and my MSA test. So I decided to do a little research on Mercury Toxicity to see what symptoms were. I wanted to know what are the chances that this has been going on just as long as Lyme Disease.

Mercury Poisoning causes problems in the

Central Nervous System -- which includes anxiousness, loss of memory, lethargy, tremors, numbness of hands & feet --- and other symptoms too

Head Neck and Oral Cavity Disorders -- bleeding gums, excess saliva, bad breath, metallic taste, sores in the mouth, ringing in ears, and other symptoms

Gastrointestinal Problems -- food sensitivities, cramps, other GI complaints, diahrea and/or constipation and other symptoms

Cardiovascular Disorders -- abnormal heart rhythm, EKG findings, elevated tiglycerides, elevated cholestoral, abnormal blood pressures, all unexplained.

Immunlogic --repeated infections, viral, fungal, mycobacteria, candida and other yeast infections, cancer, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, Lupus, MS, ALS, hypothroidism, and other problems.

Systemic Effects -- chronic headaches, allergies, dermatitis, thyroid problems, subnormal body tempeture, cold and clammy skin, excess sweating, sensory symptoms including pain, numbness, anemia, kidney disease, adrenal disease, fatigue, loss of appetite with or without weight loss, and others.

I decided to bold all the issues I've had trouble with that may or may not be Lyme Disease related. The problems that I still have currently are italicized.

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