Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last of November

November has come and by midnight tonight November will have passed. November of 2006, I was sure that I would not see November 2007. I wasn't even sure if I would see the summer of 2007.

This November has been one of the best Novembers I have had in three or four years. I pretty much found a lot of my former best friends in life. Found one of my best buds from high school and even more impressive (and skillful if you ask me) I found sisters of my very best friend from Elementary School. I have yet to talk to my best friend, but it's a step in the right direction. Then last night as I was looking up something, a name popped up on the facebook. I wasn't sure if I knew the fellow or not, but he sure looked familiar and his last name was that of my closest friend from back in the day.

So I pulled up his profile, took a look through his pictures (yes I am an internet facebook picture stalker) where one of them confirmed that he was the younger brother of my friend. Contacted him immediately and amazingly enough he remembered both me and my brother. I hope to hear from him soon about his brother. In July of 07, I did a blog on friends. I listed my friends from that time in my life. His brother was one that truly impacted me. Heck, how could he not? He gave me bubblegum rings (I bet I still have them too) and hugged my neck a lot.

Amazing how the past has a way of impacting the future. I wonder how the friends of my past sculpted the person I am today. I wonder if they realize the "rock effect" they had in the river of my life. Last year my new year's resolution was to smile more and make someone else smile. I had to smile at least once a day and make someone else smile at least once a day. That meant if I didn't leave the house, I either had to hear someone smile on the phone OR make my husband smile. If you guys know my husband, this is one difficult task. :)

I don't take resolutions lightly. I did this every day. Bonus points were awarded for laughs and double bonus points for laughter with snorts. :) So what is it that I want to "resolve" this year? I know 2008 still has another 31 days (32 counting today), but I need to start now in order to accomplish my task. It will be a doozy. I want to spend time with my friends. I want PHOTOS of my friends. I want to find photos of the past (if they are available) and photos of the present and put them in one album (heck this might take two or three) called Friends. I want to be able to look at these photos whenever I am feeling down and smile knowing that these are the people that rock effected my world. Whether I knew you one day, two days, or 10 years (or 32) ... I *want* the people that shaped, molded, and helped me become the woman I am today in this book.

Don't be shy friends. :) If you have pictures of you and me together in the past 32 years, get them to me. I *want* them. It's more than a want. It's a need. :)


Alice said...

Awesome post!!!!! Friends are EVERYTHING!!!

Jennifer said...

Yes they are. :D Even friends you've never met.