Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm back part 4

So we walk to our seats and start taking off our winter wear. We were sweltering at this point. I can't believe how fast the weather went from freezing our toes to wanting to wear shorts and a t-shirt.

I took tons of photos: From the scoreboard to the WCU EMS guy to the marching band. I even took videos, but I don't know that I can figure out how to load that on here. I'm a smart cookie though. If ya give me a few days, I bet I'll have that figured out in no time.

Pre-game show was awesome. Alumni members performed parts of the pre-game show and it just amazes me the range of ages of the alumni. It's wonderful to see the same faces return year after year.

Prior to the start of the game, I told Kellie that a slaughter was about to happen. I meant that Western was going to lose big time. However the opposite was true. Western won big time. 27 to 7.

Western does this thing where they perform the half time show at half time and then again after the game. The half time show is performed to the home side and the post game show is done towards the visitor's side. I was able to record by video the entire post game show though I did it in two parts. The band rocked it out. Anyone that truly knows me knows that I absolutely detest Percussion. Well ... there is an exception to this "hatred." I absolutely *LOVE* Western's percussion line.

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