Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm back part 3

So Saturday morning, Kellie & I got up bright and early. After minimal time and effort, we both were ready for our day. What can I say ... we're both very low maintenance. Though I have to admit that Kellie was a little more high maintenance than me. I mean come on Kell ... Make-up and curls for a football game? Cute and Cold don't go hand in hand after all. :) Though .. I admit it didn't take her all that long to apply said make-up or do said hair style. :)

Best part about Kellie is that she is just as time conscientious as I am. In fact if I had to make a guess, she might even be MORE time conscientious. This is a good thing in my book. Time conscientiousness is in the pro column in the how to be a good friend list

We get our continental breakfast. Most of the time continental and crappy could be interchanged, but this breakfast weren't half bad. We get to Western before registration time. Excellent start to the day already. It's so cold we can see our breaths. Prior to the game, we bought these warm hand things. We stuffed them in every single pocket we could. Front pant pockets, back pockets, shoes ... I even put one on top of my head under the hat.

This was us waiting to register for Alumni Band. This was BEFORE we had put on any major heating supplies. I blew out just as Kellie snapped the photo to show how cold it was. Thanks Kellie for letting me steal the photo of us from your facebook album. You rock.

We wrapped ourselves in our scarves, jackets, sweaters, and climbed up the bleachers at Western. Another item in my "pro column" is that someone is just as excited as I am about something I am excited about. I love to take photos. It's something I am passionate about and I probably have about 100 photos of the alumni tower, football field, marching band, but I keep taking more.

Kellie & I walked around the field getting even more photos. I think she took just as many as me. We watched the band practice for two hours. At the end of two hours, we headed to Lowe's to get more warmers and then ate lunch. It was still freezing as we entered the UC (University Center for those of you *not* in the *know*). We walked out and it was still freezing. We watched the band warm up and took lots of photos of the percussionist.

As we were walking back to the car to get our supplies for the game, we realized it was all the sudden getting warmer. Then I remembered the old addage at Western. If you don't like the weather at Western, wait 20 minutes ... it will change.

Next up: Part 4. :)

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