Monday, November 17, 2008

Organ Donation

Have you ever thought about life and death?
Have you ever thought about life after death?

There are two ways to live after you have died.
One is in the memory of those that you have left behind (and also through Eternal Life in Heaven, but this isn't that discussion).
The other is through donating your organs to those that need them.

I mean think about it ... you are no longer needing those organs and tissues. Your heart is no longer going to beat in your chest, your lungs will no longer breathe for you, your eyes will no longer see for you and your skin can no longer protect your body. There are many reasons in which people can not donate their organs, but if you don't have one of those reasons ....

Live after death. Give someone else the chance at life. Let your heart beat in their chest, let your lungs breathe in their body, let your corneas allow someone to see, and let your skin help a burn victim.

Here are some stories: One is the story of Jason Ray. Jason was adament that he wanted his organs donated. His parents honored his wish when he was struck by a car and killed. He went on to help over 75 people just by donating his organs and tissues. Jason Ray was bigger than life in his life as Rameses. Jason Ray is bigger than life in his death in the hearts of those that received his organs and tissues.

The next is the story of Tricia. Amazing woman with an amazing family. She has Cystic Fibrosis and after giving birth to a beautiful baby ... she was granted a life dream. She was on the receiving end of a double lung transplant. The link I gave is her husband's blog as he shares their life together as a family and the struggles they face along with the glory they give to God.

Another Cystic Fibrosis story is that of Alice. Alice received her double lung transplant over 9 months ago. She is doing well and even participated in the Transplant Games. She thinks of her donor every day.

Here is a story of a woman who is WAITING. She is waiting for the chance to breathe. She is waiting for a match of someone who is willing to give her life. Bree just wants to breathe and live her life without Oxygen and antibiotics. She just wants a chance to live again.

Please consider life after death. There are people waiting. Consider being an Organ Donor.


Alice said...

Thanx Jen!!!!

Jennifer said...

:) It's important. Not only for the people that I care about ... it's important for those that I don't even know. :)

I am on the "DO NOT" list, which totally sucks.

Missy Myers said...

Great post! Do blood donation next!! :-D

Jennifer said...

Ivanna drink your blood. ha haa.