Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carolina Frenzy Part 4

So something very exciting happened while I was on campus Saturday November 8, 2008. Last year I attended two functions at Carolina. The first I went with my husband and he had to carry me some of the way to the Dean Dome and back to the parking deck. My joints hurt so bad and it was hard to breathe. I was in so much pain it was hard to enjoy the Late Night With Roy. The second event was just as difficult, but I had to suck it up a little more because I went with a friend. It was the exhibition game. So this year I did "the Walk." I walked from the parking deck to the Dean Dome back to the parking deck. We rested and then headed HERE >

If you can't tell what that is ... it's the UNC hospital. I have been there before as a patient. This time? NOT AS A PATIENT, but as hungry carnivores. :)

I took lots of pictures of the scenery on the way such as this beautiful tree. Then we walked to the infamous Franklin Street. We got there and we had to sit down for a bit, but I was good. A little out of breath, but my joints did not hurt. :) Then we walked through the center of campus so that we could walk by Kenan Stadium, the Old Well, and other beautiful nature scenes. We walked all the way back to the Dean Dome to get in line. We spent from 9:15 to about 3:00 to do all of this from the museum, to eating, to walking back to the Dean Dome. We sat when we needed to sit and took photos so that we wouldn't lose this day to my failing brain. I took photos of the clock tower and of Rob & me on Carolina's campus.

We got into line and waited with several nice families. It was so pleasant to be around very nice people. I got a phone call then. It was from one of my good friends from high school. I knew he was there, but didn't want to get my hopes up that we could meet up. Next thing I know, he's there at the Dean Dome.I rush down the hill (yes I RAN .. I actually RAN .. and didn't hurt myself) to meet him. What a joyous day this had turned out to be. 1. I saw the Basketball Museum with loads of Eric Montross stuff. 2. I had spent the day admiring the scenery on campus. 3. I was at the DEAN DOME and 4. my very good friend that I had not seen since 1995 .. was there giving me the best hug ever. :)
(don't be jealous .. it's not that you other guys don't give better hugs it's just this hug was like 13 years in the making) Picture above is of Phillip and me. The picture on the right is my husband and me. :)

Nothing can be finer than to go to Carolina. :) GO HEELS.

Next up the Carolina Game. :)

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