Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chelation Challenge

Essentially what I will have done in January is a test and a treatment at the same time. I will sit down in the same chairs that I have my other treatments done. They will attach two specific drugs to my PICC line (should I still have it ... if I don't have it, then they'll do a regular IV). The first one will run in and then they'll switch out the medications and the 2nd one will run.

Then I will have to pee in a huge jug for the next 6 hours. Essentially what the medication does is bind to heavy metals. Then when I go to the bathroom, it will go out with my urine. Then I will shake this huge jug and pour a little bit out in a specimen cup for sending out for testing. Upon receiving the results to this test will determine my treatment plan from there.

I can't have this chelation challenge until I increase my minerals. This drug will bind to minerals as well so I will need to increase my minerals before so that I won't be deficient after the challenge. I will also likely have to have an IV of minerals a week or two before the challenge though I wasn't quite clear with that information.

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