Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September loves!

The things I love about September.

  • The Cooler Weather -

  • The Beginning of School (yes I know that most schools begin in August, but I feel that it really doesn't get started until September - this gives kids something to do in the neighborhood except for playing "Olympics" off the trampoline.  Now this is actually quite funny because I actually enjoy watching out the window and watching the kids "RUN" and jump on the tiny exercise trampoline and see how far they can jump.  My husband and I call it the Long Jump off the mini Trampoline.  Admit it - you're now really interested in knowing how far you could jump off of the mini trampoline.  These pre-teens have inspired you.  Okay, maybe not - but it sure is refreshing to see children exercising and having fun outside instead of zipping up and down the street with loud ATVs. 

  • Cooler Weather = Warmer Clothes.  It means, I can hide my hair with hats again.  I love particular hats.  I'm not sure if I can find my two favorite hats since we moved, but I'm gonna try because I love those things.   Also, I am such a big lover of pants.  If I had to choose between pants and shorts, I'd choose pants every single time. Until recently, I only wore shorts sparingly.  However, it was so hot this summer - I had to wear shorts.  Now there is one downside to September, it's that summer dresses are no longer fitting to wear - but that's okay it wasn't until the last few years that I began to wear dresses anyway.  I've accumulated quite a few though.  

  • September = start of football season.  Now I don't' care about football, but it means marching band is in full swing.  Drive by any high school on a Friday night that has a marching band program and you can hear the sounds of instruments and the beating of a drum. My favorite time of year.  Although when I marched, the season wasn't "enjoyable" until October.  

  • I tend to plan fun things in September. I don't know when this started, but it just did.  Last year, I planned a Lyme Lunch with all of my online Lyme friends.  In 2008, my husband and I went to the beach to participate in a CF walk for my friend Tricia.  During that same time, I amazed myself by climbing two light houses.  No big deal LOL.  This month I went to the beach for a day trip, but I can promise you there will be no climbing of light houses!  Also, the trip to Charlotte.  AND a Lyme Lunch.  It's also the "dating" anniversary of my husband and me.  I know those don't count, but - when it's a big one like FIFTEEN YEARS - then it counts. 

  • Now you may think this one is kind of strange - odd - but I love September because it is the month my dearest friend Eva left this world and entered the kingdom of heaven.  I hated it for me, but oh how I loved that my friend Eva was no longer in pain.  

  •  I just love September.

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