Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Preamble to Under Fire

I finished my upcoming post on Monday, but decided to work a little more on it yesterday which lead into some extensive research.  So, it may be another day or two before I'm ready to publish it. However, I will be glad to share with you the beginning (which may or may not change).

Under Fire:

Physicians being under fire is not new in the Lyme literate world. I discovered this even before my  diagnosis.  When my husband and I were pursuing answers to this mysterious illness, we uncovered a doctor under investigation in North Carolina on our local news channel.  Shortly after my clinical Lyme diagnosis, we watched the documentary Under Our Skin including a Question & Answer session with the director of the film Andy Abrahams Wilson.  The documentary has several cases where Lyme Literate doctors were under fire during the time of filming.   This eye opening documentary shows how Lyme Literate doctors are scrutinized by others in the medical community which includes the medical board, insurance companies and other doctors.

*** to be continued ***

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