Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Phenomenal Closet Part 2

In January of 2011, I realized I was living in a mess of a house.  I was frustrated so I started off in the most unlikely place:  The Closet.  I showed of photos in this post.  The Phenomenal Closet.   I have never been one to keep a tidy anything.  I am well known for being cluttered and if we're being honest, "Cluttered" is a nice word for what I am.  My closets have always been especially bad.  If it didn't have a place, I'd chunk it in the closet.  It's been that way since I was little.  In High School, my closet was a danger zone.  Open it up and something was sure to pop out.  I once told someone in high school that they could have my extra radio.  The caveat was that they had to find it --- in my closet.  She opened up the closet and stuff poured out of it.  She said forget about it. LOL.  

So when I cleaned out my closet in January of 2011, there were doubters that I would keep it clean.  If we're being honest here, I was one of those doubters. I set out to prove those doubters wrong.  It stayed clean from January 2011 until we moved in May 2012.  Now that folks is impressive, especially for a clutterer.  

When we moved to the new house, I organized it as best as I could.  However, I was exhausted and just didn't have the energy I needed to make it as neat.  Then, we added winter jackets to the mix.  Everytime I walked into the closet, I got frustrated.  This morning I was determined to rectify the situation.  I started off with the jackets. I simply wanted to move the jackets. 

This is the story knock off of "If you give a mouse a cookie."  I call it, "If Jennifer decides to move the winter jackets." 

If Jennifer decides to move the winter jackets, she'll have to move the dresses.

When Jennifer moves the dresses, she'll have to move the pants. 

When Jennifer moves the pants, she'll decide the pants aren't hanging neatly enough so she'll have to straighten them.

After Jennifer straightens the pants, she'll have to move the shirts to a new space.
After she moves the shirts to a new space, she'll have to space them evenly and hang them in color coordinated fashion.

After Jennifer finishes with the clothing, she'll decide to go ahead and move the king sized sheets and electric blanket, but first she'll have to move the shoes.
After Jennifer finds a place for all of the shoes, she'll have to find a new space for blankets and extra stuff.

After finding a space for blankets and the other stuff, she'll decide she needs to organize her shirts. 

And after she organizes her shirts, she must get a camera to take pictures of her progress.

And that's what happens if Jennifer decides to move the winter jackets. 

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