Friday, September 21, 2012

For Juliet

Juliet posted a comment that I wanted to address to her.  She wrote on a post that was so old that I wasn't sure if she'd be able to check to see my response.   So I copied my response and here it is for Juliet.

This is from memory so please pardon if there are any misspelled words or misinformation.  This is MY understanding of what LDN is supposed to do.

LDN is Low Dose Naltraxone. Originally, Naltraxone was created for something else, but they realized in small doses it boosted immune function which is supposed to help your body kill Lyme (that's my understanding and it's my really simplistic way of understanding).

However, for me -- I had such difficulty with the drug itself and the side effects that it was never able to do this.

Some people claim LDN is the perfect helper for them while others say it did nothing. LDN for me may have prevented the disease from progressing, but it did not help my immune markers because I wasn't able to take a therapeutic enough dose. Recommended dosages is 4.5mg and I couldn't get above 1mg without tremendous side effects. .5mg and 1 mg gave me terrible headaches and vivid dreams which woke me often. So I've not been on this treatment in a while. I write a few blogs on LDN. If you look over to the labels on LDN and LDN cream, you can read more.

Thanks for reading!

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