Saturday, September 22, 2012

15 years ago part 3

 continued ---

And when we said we were going to go back to the way things were before we started dating, we meant it.  In fact, the next day he picks me up and we walk together to the library.   I think if no one had known we had broken up, no one would have known.  We rarely spent a day apart even after we broke up.  We ate lunch and dinner together in the dining hall every single day.  He would walk me to classes if he had the chance and he would walk me back to my dorm after I was done studying at the library to ensure I was safe.  Our friendship was that solid.  So back to the library on September 22nd - 15 years ago today -

I get to the computer and check my email first.  I hadn't been able to check on my email since the Thursday before the wedding.  The first message I saw shocked me.  It was from my friend, Rob.  "If I pay, it's a date."  It was his response to my message which I did not see where I had jokingly asked if he was paying for my breakfast.  However, I did not see this message before I left.  I laughed out loud because he had indeed paid for my breakfast.  Then, I got uncomfortable.  Then, I see his second message.  He was concerned because I did not let him know I had made it back to school.  He left a clever message about the things that could have happened to me on the way home.  I don't remember the exact things, but some of them included alien abduction and a car accident.  I laughed.  It was funny.

I replied to his message saying that I was sorry that I didn't make it to the library to let him know that I had made it home safely, but that he left one option off his list and told him what happened the evening before.    His response shocked me.  I think it took me a good 10 minutes to pick my chin off the floor.  He had asked if I would go out with him.   Now you see, what I realized later is that he had tried to ask me out on a date several times.  However every time he had garnered up the courage to ask, I was dating somebody.  So this time, he decided he was not going to let time pass him by.  He was not going to let somebody else have his opportunity.  I just sat and looked at the email and decided to give myself an opportunity to think first respond second.  I simply responded asking if I could have 24 hours to think about it.  After all, I am a planner.

My ex was at the other computer so I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of the library.  I needed a friend to talk to and he was the best thing I had at the time.  I still shake my head at the fact that I asked my Ex of not even 18 hours of his opinion of what I should do regarding Rob's question.  We sat together and made a pro con list and by the end of the evening I had my decision made.  I started pre-writing an email. 

** to be continued **

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