Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charlotte Trip

I heard that a very good online friend of mine from California was coming to North Carolina in September.  She arranged it so that she would stay in my neck of the woods, but would be staying most of her time in NC with another very good online Lyme friend of mine in the big city of Charlotte.  "J" told everyone they could come visit with "S" and her daughter "K" while "S" was in town.  So I looked at my calendar and realized that if I was going to visit then I would have to visit on Saturday the 22nd. The problem with this is that I had a beach trip last weekend and was extremely exhausted.  So I had decided not to go.  That I would see S when she came to my town and that I could go visit with K & J later when I wasn't so tired.

Then, I got word that a few more people were going to be there.  So, I decided I *had* to go.  There was no excuse I could come up with that would pacify me later when I'd feel the utter disappointed of meeting all of these ladies.  So, I invited another Lyme friend to go with me (S2).  S2 went with me to the beach and we had such a great time I knew she would be the perfect riding companion.

We got on the interstate and drove straight to - well not their house.  I thought that I would like to continue my clock tower tour.  So we drove straight to UNC-Charlotte.  I took a LOT of photos.  Not as many as I usually take actually, but still - 94 pictures at this one area of UNC-C is quite a lot.  I was blessed that most of them turned out exactly how I wanted them to.  All of my pictures are straight out of camera shots.  My camera has different settings that allow me to tweak the shots before I take them so they come out slightly different than if I were to just set it on Auto and snap away.  I used two different lenses with these shots.  One was the standard lens I use and the other was the lens that can zoom in close to something far away.  4 of the 5 shots were taken by me.  The one of me in front of the clock tower was taken by my friend S2.

After UNC-C, we drove to J's house.  I'm not posting any pictures from that trip, but we had a blast!  We were there for a little over four hours.  It was well worth the pain I feel today. 

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