Saturday, September 29, 2012

Raising Money for TIC-NC

I've mentioned the 5K walk for Lyme Awareness in a few blog posts now.  I have a group of Lyme friends and several of us (maybe 11 at this point) are going to the walk.  I thought it would be cool if we had something the same - whether it was a t-shirt or a head band or something.  I must have come up with about 20 ideas.  Then I thought about those silicone bracelets.  So I got online to find a place to order them.  I realized quickly that it was almost the same price if I ordered 20 or 100.  Then I realized if I ordered a bunch of them that I could sell them to benefit TIC-NC.  So, I ordered a bunch.  Three hundred to be specific.

I got them in the other day and I took a picture of them, well three of them to be specific.  I posted a picture on Facebook and wouldn't you know in three days I've already had 54 bracelets ordered.    My original goal was to sell 50 in two weeks.  Now I have a new goal.  I think my friends are going to help me reach that goal. If you know me on facebook, get in touch if you're interested in purchasing one of these We Fight Lyme Together bracelets.  They are 100% silicone.  They are lime green & white and embossed with black over the embossing so they are easy to read. I'm selling them for $4 per bracelet (shipping is included in base price).  A portion of the proceeds will go to TIC-NC.  So let's fight Lyme together!

Go Fight Win!

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