Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carolina Beach Trip

In August, I began planning a trip.  This was a beach trip for me.  A day trip.  All I wanted was to put my feet in the sand and dip my toes in the ocean while hearing the ocean waves and feeling the wind against my face.  Well, I decided to invite a few people.  I actually invited 68 people, but I knew they wouldn't all come.  I knew that not even 10 would come, but I knew that the ones that would come -- would have a blast. 

We had a few things on our "wish" list - 1.  UNC-W  2. Riverboat Landing 3.  Carolina Beach

We started off with 5 at UNCW including myself.  Then, at the restaurant we added a new friend.  We've been friends online for a few months, but met in person for the first time.  She chose the restaurant.  And then, my elementary school friend and his wife (with their adorable little boy) stopped by to hug my neck. 

On the beach itself, we wound up with the original 5.  Two friends I've known for a while, but have known in person for a year.  Then, there were two new friends - brand new friends.  I didn't even know they existed a few days ago. 

I am exhausted.  I did way too much, but boy do I feel 1,000% better.  The waves and sounds and feelings of the ocean calmed me.  I went there with pounds on my shoulders and left with relief.  If it wasn't an almost 5 hour round trip, I'd be there every weekend. 

My friend Beth stole my camera and took several pictures of me. The one above is my favorite.  LOL. 

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