Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beat the Bite 5 K

 Your friendly Beat the Bite 5K reminder!

Fundraiser for Lyme Disease - I rarely flat out fund raise.  You will rarely hear me ask for money, but today I come to my readers (I know there aren't that many of you, but I ask none-the-less) for help.  I realized today that if all of my friends and family on facebook donated even $1 that I would collect almost $600 and that if each of those friends or family donated a generous $5 that it would be over $2800.  So today, I come to them and to you with my hand held out.

The other day I mentioned the 1st Annual Beat the Bite 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run.  It was right before my beach trip on Sunday when I first heard about this.  A friend of mine (huge advocate in NC) told me about it.  So I contacted the Beat the Bite founders and realized this:  They did not have Lyme Disease.  They created this organization and this 5K for their little sister.  I was blown away.  I invited them (all three sisters) to the beach, but only one was able to attend with such short notice.  I was able to get to know such a sweet woman and feel very blessed to now call her my friend.

This race is happening for two reasons.  The first is to raise awareness for Lyme Disease in North Carolina.  The second is to raise money so that we can continue to raise awareness for Lyme Disease in North Carolina.  On Beat the Bite website, you can register for the 5K or the 1 Mile fun run.  Register for the 5K for $25.00 or register for the 1 mile fun run for $10.  Don't live in the area or won't be able to attend.  That's okay.  You can sponsor someone to walk that otherwise wouldn't be able to do so.  Let me know and I can hook you up with a friend or two or twenty. 

Please help us continue to raise awareness in North Carolina.  Find all the information you need about the organization Beat the Bite & the 5K run at this website: .  If you donate or are going to the walk, let me know!  I'd love to meet you there or simply say thank you for your generosity.  We're trying to make this event HUGE!  So spread the word about Beat the Bite and the 5K Run.

PS.  You will see this post again in October.

PPS.  How am I helping to raise money for TIC-NC other than just participating in the walk?

I'm selling bracelets that say We Fight Lyme Together - Approximately $1.33 per bracelet sold is going straight to TIC-NC.  So far I've sold 64 bracelets! So far I've raised $85.25 for TIC-NC!  You might wonder where the rest is going.  The other approximate 67 cents is going to pay for the bracelet itself.  The reason I say "approximate" is because I'm going to round up or down.  So let's say the 1.33 times 64 is $85.12.  Instead of giving that amount, I'll just go ahead and round up what I give to TIC-NC to $85.25.  In all honesty, I'd probably just round it up to $86 even.  I know in rounding - technically I should round down for $85.12, but I'll never round down when it comes to giving to charity.  I'll just pitch in the extra it needs with the cost of the bracelet money to make it to an amount where there is no change.

I am hoping to be able to make a donation of $100.00 to TIC-NC with bracelet sales on October 14th.  If I sell 11 more bracelets, I will be able to do that.  So $100.00 to TIC-NC is easily doable!

PPS:  While I was finishing up this blog post, I received a message.  Someone wanted to up their order so that I could reach my goal of 75 bracelets.  I now have a new goal of 100 bracelets.

PPPS:  Now I've sold 88 bracelets!  12 more to reach 100 bracelets!

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