Sunday, September 16, 2012

Under Our Skin Screening Addendum

I shared with everyone how the screening went of May 31st Under Our Skin went on June 1st.  I only had one picture to share that a friend took. I finally found the card reader and have more photos to share of that night.  Oh what a night. We had so much fun.

This view is looking down the hall way to the room we were in.

These are the cookies that Mindy left for us.  
Mindy is the lady that helped us get this set up and she could not attend. 

We had a raffle and these were our prizes graciously donated by friends and businesses.

 A view of the audience. 

 I started getting some noticeable twitches part way through the documentary so I stepped outside the room to try to get it under control.  This was the view from outside the room.  Any person walking down the hall could see what was going on. 
 Our poster set up outside the building directing people to come in to see the documentary.
After the screening, Pete & I spoke.  

 My Lyme friends.  Yes, we all have Lyme.  Yes, we all live in North Carolina.  

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