Thursday, September 18, 2008

The shocking thing

So what was the thing I was wanting to do? I wanted to go look at the light houses. I have never seen them up close and I just was dying to go see Hatteras. Well I thought it was too far to go and figured that I might be able to go see Bodie Island Lighthouse. So I printed off information for three light houses just in case.

So Saturday morning after the Great Strides Walk, Rob said we could go see Hatteras. I was stoked. So on our way down, he said "there it is." I was a bit confused because it didn't look like what I thought it did. As we're getting closer, I'm like we shouldn't see it this close because it's still like 30 to 40 miles away. I'm realizing that this is actually the Bodie Island one. He pulls over to the area and we go look.

It was beautiful. We went into the shop and purchased a magnet for our fridge that had four of the NC lighthouses on it and also a map of the lighthouses. We took lots of photos. We got back on the road very quickly

We drive. I'm not paying attention and Rob's not paying attention. We comment on stores, schools and everything else and MISS THE SIGN. As we're driving we're realizing "Ruh Roh we're not in Buxton anymore." So we turn around and find the road for the tallest light house. We again take LOTS of pictures.

Then he asks me the all important question, "Do you want to climb it?" Without hesitation and without even thinking about it, I said YES. I was only thinking could I do it. Could I prove to myself that my joints are back to "normal?" YES I WANTED TO CLIMB THIS.

Now keep in mind, I was not thinking. CLEARLY I wasn't thinking. Here I am the woman who is skeered to death of even standing on a child's slide for it being too tall. Here I am the woman who won't swing too high in an adult swing on a play ground for it being too high. Yet Here I was the woman who was about to pay 7 dollars to climb a LIGHTHOUSE that was the TALLEST IN THE NATION. CLEARLY I wasn't thinking. We started off sort of bolting the stairs. "See look at me. I can do this. I am woman hear me roar. Screw Lyme Disease. You will not take this from me." I was out of breath by the 4th set of stairs. Each landing took longer to catch my breath, but MY KNEES DID NOT HURT. We got to the top and then I realized what I had just done.

I had just CLIMBED A FREAKING LIGHTHOUSE. I made Rob take pictures to ensure that this was PROOF that I had climbed a light house. It was windy up there. I stayed close to the lighthouse only venturing to the railing near the air for a photo opportunity. I even took a photo of Rob up there. I needed proof to show my doctors that we climbed a light house.

So we walked all the way around the top of it and it was time to go down. RUH ROH RAGGY. My knees got shaky, my hands got shaky, and it was then I realized how far up from the ground I was. All I could think was Oh Dear God get me out of this light house and I'll NEVER do something this stupid again (did I say NEVER ... well ............. maybe one more time ... keep reading).

So we slowly descended. I was near in tears, but they never did surface. My knees were so shaky I was afraid that I was gonna tear down the railing. But ya know I figure a many skeered persons had climbed this structure and not a single one of them knocked it down. Sooo I was pretty certain that though I was skeered that I was fairly safe. I was so excited to see the ground that I almost kissed it.

We went into the Shop areas (which were the former lighthouse keepers residences) and we purchased this really cool thing. I don't know what it's called, but it's green and it went into a ship and let light go through it for lighting under the deck. I also got a t-shirt for the light house. I needed SOMETHING from that lighthouse. I climbed it after all and what's more is that I climbed down from it too.

So back to that NEVER statement. On Sunday, we decided to go up to Corolla to visit the Currituck Lighthouse. It was never our intention to climb this bad boy. We just wanted to go and take pictures. Well we walked in to take pictures and .. with some convincing from the keeper of the money (I think he just wanted our 14 bucks) and Rob, we decided to climb this bad boy. (b/c the keeper of the money said .. oh this isn't nearly as bad as Hatteras so if you did that one .. this one will be a breeze). Breeze was the key word. OMG .. it was so freaking windy.
AND I think because I knew how scared I was at Hatteras I was keenly aware of how high I was getting. I was TERRIFIED by the time I got to the top. Rob took a picture, but I wouldn't go near the railing. It was way too gusty up there. I felt like I was gonna get blown away (but in theory .. in all the visitors .. had anyone ever been blown off the lighthouse ... doubtful.). The climb down was almost as bad if not worse than Hatteras. It was terrifying until I decided to do something to keep my mind off it. Every step I took, I said an alphabet. Do you know that one of the sets of stairs I got to S, the next T, the next U and then the last one it took all 26 letters? Guess no one could tell that I teach for a living. :)

In any case, I Jennifer ... climbed TWO lighthouses this weekend. I am a little sore, but ya know what my joints DO NOT HURT. (it's my calves .. and whose calves wouldn't hurt after climbing over that many steps).

I am so proud of myself. :) I did it. BUT, I am still skeered of heights. :(

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