Thursday, September 13, 2012

Under Fire Preview Part 2

 I have yet to finish Under Fire, but thought you'd like to read the 2nd paragraph.  I think I"ll finish tomorrow, but if I don't I'll leave Preview Part 3 and post the full post on Saturday. 


Skepticism is the questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts or opinions that are stated as facts.  Patients with Lyme Disease and doctors that treat chronic Lyme Disease face another problem in addition to the disease itself.  We face chronic skepticism.  As a patient, I am often questioned or criticized by the choices I make in regards to my treatments.   Physicians and nurses in the traditional medical community often raise their eye brows if I mention the words Lyme Disease.  People I know question whether I am choosing the right doctor and treatment because they've heard that Lyme Disease isn't this difficult to treat. My question is this:  Hw come every time I mention that I have Lyme Disease to someone they know someone  who "was very sick" or "almost died" from it if Lyme Disease is so rare.

To be Continued *** 

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