Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bracelet Sale Update

So far through Facebook, we've managed to raised $165 for TIC-NC.  This is far more than I ever expected.  Now that I've surpassed my original goal of $100, I am hoping to be able to pass my second goal of $200.00 and with only being $35 short of that or about 25 bracelets - I am confidant we'll make it and possibly make a third goal!

PS:  Since my blog message at 6:08, I've gotten another order. I'm now only $21.50 shy of $200 - Only ten bracelets and I'll break the $200 mark.  It can and will be done! Then I'll set a new goal of $250.00 for TIC-NC from bracelet sales ... but first let's break the $200 mark!

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