Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's a miracle

Our Tree is put together.
Our Tree is decked out with lights and ornaments.
Our Tree is decked out with MORE lights than normal and a different strand of garland.

And it's only two days after Thanksgiving. That my dear friends is what I call a miracle.

Don't understand the miraculous nature of this event? Well two years ago I could NOT put up a tree. I could not celebrate the birth of Christ with the tradition of putting together a tree with a star so bright on top that it guided the 3 Kings to witness Christ's birth. I just had to simply be simple in knowing that the spirit was in my heart, but not my home.

So it's a miracle that the tree is put up.

It's a miracle.

So here is me: A tree hugging, Eric Montross loving, ornament putter upper Jennifer!

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