Sunday, January 30, 2011

2010 in Review

2010 had some ups and downs. I was supposed to have written this by now. Apparently, I've been slack. I scheduled it to post today figuring I'd have it completed. I only completed 2 months. Oh well. Here ya go.

January of 2010 One year ago I was given the best news: Concerns for Lyme Disease: And I quote, "No further treatment should be needed at this time." Of course I was also told to be conscious of risk for relapse.

We also enjoyed my birthday with some really extra sweet cake ~ the cake Debacle of 2010

The almost birthday snow.

February of 2010

In Feb of 2010, we got snow at least twice. In fact, I risked my life for my children.

And at the Alumni Game, it started to snow while we were there. I almost fell a couple of times and gripped onto him for dear life. But, seriously a great time was had by all. Alumni Game with my best friend at UNC.

Then we found the list of symptoms I had in 2006. It's amazing to think how sick I was almost five years ago.

IN 2009

In 2008

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Vic said...

It's okay! I was late reviewing my year too... I guess it's the thought that counts! :]