Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something old

So while the husband was going through the closet, he found something old of mine.

It was from June 27, 2006. Now keep in mind I wasn't officially diagnosed until March of 2007. It was a list of symptoms of Lyme Disease. I had circled in green the ones that I had. Here they are:

1. Rash at site of bite
2. Rash on other parts of body
3. Rash basically circular and spreading out
4. Rash that disappeared and recurred.
5. Headache (mild to severe)
6. Pressure in Head
7. Twitching of other muscles (legs & arms)
8. Tingling of nose, cheek and facial flushing
9. Stiff Neck
10. Sore throat, clearing throat a lot, excess phlegm, hoarseness and runny nose
11. Eye lids felt funny
12. Oversensitivity to light
13. Decreased hearing in ears
14. Buzzing in ears
15. Pain in ears and over sensitivity to sounds
16. Ringing in ears
17. Diarrhea
18. Upset stomach (nausea and pain)
19. Bone Pain, joint pain, swelling
20. Stiffness of joints, and neck
21. Muscle pain and cramps
22. Shortness of breath and coughing
23. Night Sweats, unexplained chills
24. unexplained shaking
25. burning sensation in the body
26. excess fatigue
27. Numbness in the body, tingling, pinpricks
28. Poor balance, dizziness, difficulty walking
29. Increased motion sickness
30. Lightheadedness, wooziness.
31. Mood Swings
32. Getting or feeling lost
33. Over-emotional reactions
34. Too much sleep and at times Insomnia
35. Difficulty falling to sleep and or staying asleep
36. Anxiety over symptoms
37. Short term memory loss
38. confusion, difficulty thinking
39. going to the wrong places
40. changing symptoms, come & go
41. pain migrating from one part to another
42. felt flu like symptom after bite
43. increase chemical sensitivity

Those were the symptoms I had felt the 6 months prior to printing the list off. There were symptoms I had that I didn't check off that I *know* I had well into the mid 90's. There were also symptoms that I didn't check off (rather list here) because they were too personal.

Also there are symptoms on the paper that I got AFTER I checked the list.

June of 2006 is when I started really researching the possibility of Chronic Lyme. It took almost a year for my husband to convince me to go see a specialist. I wonder how quickly I would have gotten better if I had just gone in June of 2006 instead of March of 2007.

I LOVE that I have only three of those symptoms ... and none of them at the same time!

Headache (very rarely - but today I have one), Buzzing/ringing in my ears (occasionally) and sometimes fatigue.

Yeah me!

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