Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ultimate Present

I'm a cold natured person. VERY cold natured. If I could, I'd use the electric blanket in the summer! Well a few years ago, we purchased a new comforter with curtains to match. As much as I LOVED them, there were two big problems. The first time we washed the new comforter, it shrank. It barely covered the top of the bed. AND the curtains (valance part). Well they presented a whole new problem. It was barely noticeable to anyone other than us. Let's be honest, we're the only ones in our bedroom ever anyways. However, our window needed 2 valances. One of the valances had FOUR stripes of cream and the other Valance had FIVE stripes of cream. So it made the one with five stripes just a hair longer than the other one.

Stay tuned for what I got for my birthday that's coming up. I'm so stoked!

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