Sunday, January 23, 2011

Master Bedroom

Only thing it needs is a new coat of paint. Oh what am I saying .. it needs paint in the first place. We've painted all of TWO rooms in our house since 1998. One is the bathroom and the other is the computer room.

Anyways: Here's our "new" bedroom!

You can see our new curtains, new runner on the dresser, our new duvet cover & the pillow cases are part of our new sheet set. We purchased the ceiling fan over the summer when our old one went out. The picture on the wall I received for Christmas many many moons ago. When we first got married, we had a frame for our mattresses and that was it. It bothered me quite a bit. Scratch that, quite a lot.

I knew I didn't want "light" wood and preferably wanted a darker wood. I really wanted some iron of some sort in it, but in the end decided that simpler was better because I might not like the iron look in 10 years. We ordered a non-sleigh bed because the dimensions on the website. We knew it wouldn't fit our bedroom even though we really wanted the sleigh bed. Well when the bed arrived, it was the one we wanted (but didn't order) AND it fit the room. We called the place to let them know of the mistake, but told them we wanted to keep the one sent. Now if we could get the room painted, I'd be pleased as punch. :o)

The top of the dresser. I use table runners to cover my dresser so that it protects the wood a little bit from anything I might put on top of the dresser. For about 8 years, we used a Burgundy Comforter so our runner was Burgundy. Our second most recent purchased changed the color theme to the light teal green blue, but I finally got around to buying a new runner after the most recent duvet cover was purchased.

Our nightstands. We've had these lamps forever. I still love them as much as the first day we bought them. What's on my nightstand? A Lamp, A Clock that I keep facing towards me. Yes that is MY side of the bed. Also keep a telephone (which has a silent ringer!) and what you can't see because I hid it in the top drawer is the remote control for the fan/light. Yes I can crawl into bed and then turn off the light! It's wonderful.

The most wonderful invention ever because I don't have to remove my glasses, fumble to the light switch, turn off lights, fumble back to bed and get in. I just have to crawl into bed. Get comfortable and turn off the lights and then remove my glasses. It's on a dimmer turn off so turns off in a way that I can remove my glasses and scootch down in bed before it's completely off. LOVE IT! Also just like I use table runner on my dresser, I get place mats for the nightstands. You can see just how ginormous they are based on how much tiny the place mats look.

Once it's painted, I will be LOVING this room.

And yes, our closet is still clean! Must be a record for me.

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