Sunday, January 9, 2011

Still alive

I'm still living. I just have been focused on other things. One of those things is getting my home back in order. Today I focused on our master bedroom closet. Purchased new hangers (I was so done with those white plastic hangers) with some Christmas money and spent today throwing things away from the closet. Sad to say I threw away something that I've had since I was probably 11 years old! *gasp* How this item managed to go from house to house to dorm to house to dorm house to dorm house to dorm to house is beyond me. There are a few more clothing items that I really should get rid of, but for some reason I keep holding on.

Probably share pictures soon.

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PJ said...

Good to hear from you! have fun purging; I did my closet this fall and found it quite freeing. BUT, I did put a few things in boxes that I just couldn't get rid of. (sniffle)