Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've decided that XXXV sounds much younger than 35. Am I right?

Had a blast today. For the past 2o or so days, I've had this running count down with a friend at work. In December, she randomly blurted out that it was so many days until her birthday and that she expected a gift. She said it once and only once. So the day after her birthday (she took her actual birthday off), I showed up to work with an ornament that I made with her name on it. Well I randomly one day told her, "Hey it's 21 days until my birthday, I expect a present." I grinned and went on about my business. Then around day 14, I said it each and every day. I even mentioned it in statuses on Facebook on the weekends. I said it at different times each day and it was so random. Near the ends, it got groans from anyone that was near which made me laugh.

Today, she brought me my gift. A button that said "Happy Birthday." :o) I had to wear it all day long.

Rob made me a birthday cake again. It turned out much better than last year (though I haven't eaten it yet). We went out to eat at my fave T.G.I.Fridays. Ate way too much, got embarrassed with their birthday song and had a great time. The look on the dude's face when I told him I was "XXXV" was priceless. I don't think he'd ever have anyone tell him their age in roman numerals before!

I got tons of birthday wishes and I had a great great XXXVth birthday. :)

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