Sunday, January 30, 2011


Just because I don't complain about it doesn't mean it's not there. I learned a long time ago how to cope with Lyme pain (without medication too). However, I've pretty much been down and out since yesterday at waking time. It feels like someone is taking a knife and jabbing into my brain. I thought eventually it would improve, but finally decided to take Tylenol. Figured it would help. I figured wrong. It still feels like someone is jabbing my brain with a knife.

Top it off with a lot of back pain and stomach cramps, I'm pretty bad shape today. I know part of it is that lovely visit from my monthly friend. In fact, MOST of it is the visit from my monthly friend. However working 80 hours over the last 2 weeks hasn't helped. I really haven't worked 80 hours in 2 weeks in YEARS. I typically work at most 6 hours a day. Sometimes with an 8 hour thrown here or there. However over the last 4 weeks, I've worked many 9 hour days each week. My body feels like it's going to die and soon. I was even limping when I stood up after sitting to feed a baby. Of course I get asked, "What's wrong?" I want to scream, "I still have it. It doesn't just go away. I just have learned how to cope with it and most days I'm pretty fine." Instead I say, "I'm fine." I walk out of the room and try to cope with it better before I walk into the next room. Next week I have two 9.25 hour days scheduled. BACK TO BACK. This has happened the last few weeks. Last week I was actually not scheduled for this, but it happened when we had too many teachers call out sick.

So now it leaves me down & out for the weekend. I have to try to pull myself back together for tomorrow. It's a short day tomorrow unless someone calls out.

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