Friday, January 21, 2011

Ultimate Present II

So as I was saying yesterday, I am very cold natured. My old comforter shrank to the size of a waffle and my birthday is coming up. So after much discussion, we decided to go comforter looking. I had grand visions of matching the "new" comforter with curtains so that we wouldn't have to get new ones, but alas finding a comforter we both liked would find difficult. Finding one that matched the curtains that we weren't particularly fond of anymore would prove impossible.

I must first stay that Kmart isn't a shop we visit often, but I have discovered that if I need shoes or comforters it is the place to at least take a peek. They have comforters out the wazoo and have small sized shoes (5, 5 & 1/2 ladies which is very hard to find in a lot of stores). So instead of starting off at Target, we decided to start at Kmart. As our luck would have it, Kmart had NOTHING that we liked at all. Well that's a lie becuase there were two that kind of peaked our interest. But one was kind of uncomfortable feeling (which is a definite no no) and the other well it would have worked, but I thought there was something better. :)

So onto Target we went. (No you know if we had gone to Target first, we wouldn't have found a thing there right?). We venture down the first aisle. Then the second and right about the time we get to the second aisle, my husband says something very interesting. Now at home we have this very WHITE down comforter. It's extremely comfortable, but not very attractive. I mean if you're going for stark white, it's perfect. So back to what he said or rather what he hinted at. He suggested that we might be able to find a duvet cover for this crazy comfortable stark white down comforter. Now this is what we had intended originally, but never found one in our price point that matched our style. (aka expensive tastes = expensive price point).

As we're turning the corner, I see something that I loved. I thought to self, "Self if only they had a comforter in THIS. It's soooo pretty, but even if they do ... I bet it's close to 200 bucks!." I looked anyways. Then I realized that the pretty thang ... that I thought was a sheet set, was indeed a duvet cover. I thought we had hit the lottery. I knew I was going to ignore this lovely style and keep on going once I saw it so I looked quickly at the price. Keep in mind that when we went to K-mart, they had all these bed in a bags on sale for 49.99 that were typically a 99.99 price point. So we were hoping for that kind of price point. I looked once. I did a double take. This beautiful wonderful delight that looked so perfect was only 52.99!

At this point, I show to the husband. ;) He thinks it's perfect too. Except we hadn't felt the thing. What if it felt like the one at Kmart that was sort of okay, but felt horrible. So we unzipped the package and stuck a hand in. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW it was like the heavens opened up and sang for us. This is stock photo from Amazon's website, but here is the duvet cover. We did NOT pick up the Shams. We've never been big sham people as it seems like all they are there for is to throw in the floor to sleep at night (and then I never have the energy to put them back on the bed the next morning so they stay there ... FOR MONTHS!) I'm hoping that Rob can take that kind of taupe color and pain the walls. If he does, you'll definitely get pictures! :) BTW: Bed didn't really match curtains that we hated anyways so we picked up two panel curtains that were very plain. WE like them, but we need to get valance so it doesn't look as bare. Once the walls are painted, it will look 100 percent better.

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