Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Here's the infamous White Cake with Pink Icing cake I wanted. My darling husband made it so don't poke fun of the really funky frosting job.

So it starts off about a week or two ago when I asked for a White cake with Pink Icing. We picked up the White Cake Mix & the Frosting while at the grocery store. This morning, Rob decided that he might need an extra box of cake mix so he went to the store (hungry might I add). He picked up 2 more boxes of Cake Mix and another can of frosting.

He came home and began baking the cake. He did everything according to instructions including separating the egg whites from the yolk for three eggs. He put in spoonfuls of cake batter into pans to make sure the cakes would turn out evenly. Well in his excitement, he forgot to add the egg whites to the cake mix. (Let's call this Mistake number 1) He didn't realize it until he had put the cake pans in the oven and saw the egg whites in the bowl on the counter top. So he pulled out the cake pans and in the process spilled cake batter everywhere. (Mistake number 2).

He then chose to restart the process with cake box number 2. He decided to use the whole egg recipe this time and put the correct cake mix into pans. When they came out, one was much bigger than the other. (Mistake Number 3, but he doesn't know what went wrong there) He waited the appropriate 10 minutes and pulled the cake out of the pans. He placed on layer on a regular plate and the other layer on a paper plate. Let's call this mistake number 4. When he tried to remove the cake from the paper plate, it stuck to the plate causing the cake to pretty much crumble.

He frosted the mess out of one layer and put the 2nd layer on top squishing the cake back together. Then he placed 34 candles on the cake that had TWO FULL CONTAINERS OF FROSTING ON IT!

Can you say sweet?

Bless his heart. He tried so hard. We are still cracking up over the cake debacle of 2010.

Here's Ginger saying, "Happy Birthday." :D

What else did I do today? We ate at TGI Friday's. The food was awesome, but the people behind us were screaming at each other. Literally they were having a fight and were so annoying that even one of their own party moved seats and told them she wasn't returning until they could use their inside voices! Haa. Sadly no photos, but Rob & I went bowling. We bowled 3 games. Didn't do as well as I wanted, but had fun anyways.


Renee said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

PJ said...

Happy Birthday!