Saturday, February 13, 2010

Completely Awesome!

I can not even begin to describe the awesomeness of the Alumni Game last night. Everyone knows my favorite player ever is Eric Montross. E.M. played a LOT in last night's game. I decided against taking my great camera because I knew there was a slight possibility of snow. I thought it would be easier to protect my tiny canon from moisture if there was snow. I'm saddened that my photos aren't the best in the world, but I did get a lot of shots with E.M. in them. First time I've seen Eric with a basketball in his hands since 1994. It was AWESOME!

My best friend & I trotted off to the Dean Dome to watch 69 former players participate. There were many really awesome players from recent years, but the best part for me (aside from seeing Eric Montross play, Phil Ford play, Dean Smith being Honorered) was watching the players from the 40's play at the opening of the game. 3 on 3 1/2 court only.

At the end of the game, they had all the players that were there with their jersey's in the rafter set up on the floor. Each player passed to each other until they got it the hands of the the player with his jersey recently retired: Tyler Hansbrough.

Here Phil Ford has the ball near center court.

Goosebump moment.

I absolutely love this place.
All troubles go away when I'm here.

My favorite moments:

Dean Smith being honored at 1/2 time
Phil Ford playing (awesomely I might add)
Roy Williams Interview by Woody Durham
The eldest players playing for the first
two minutes showing off their still very agile bodies.
ERIC MONTROSS playing and interviewing
Hearing the crowd root for every shot attempted.
Watching Dewey Burke hit a three!
Seeing Tyler Hansbrough make
one last bucket in the Dean Dome
Enjoying a Tarheel Moment with my best friend.
Walking in the SNOW on the
way back to the parking deck
Yes I said SNOW.
2.12.10 we got
I'll post more
basketball photos later!

The Tree Outside the Dean Dome

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