Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Health Bang

Happy New Year everybody. My Mantra is that "In 2009, I will be fine." I'm sticking to it even if on the first day I have started with health crisis already.

Three days ago, I noticed a bit of itching on my face. I thought maybe I had a mosquito bite. Well it kept itching and yesterday morning I noticed a bit of a small rash. So last night I started my Candida protocol (aka Diflucan). This morning (Happy New Year to me right?) I woke up with a rash on my leg too.

This is what happened here. So I am going to make an assumption that this is all Candida related (aka Yeast ~ no you can't add butter & jelly and have me for dinner!) and begin Diflucan. If the itching really drives me crazy, I'll add him a little anti-fungal cream for good measure. Of course my doctor's office is closed today and tomorrow so I won't be to get a hold of anyone from my great and powerful Oz (LLMD) until Monday. Hopefully by then, I'll have gotten it somewhat under control. I am beginning to think that part of my die off is getting a systemic yeast infection. My last treatment was Dec. 13th. Almost two weeks to the day, I begin itching.

After my 9/9 treatment, it was less than a week when I started itching and by 9/19 I was in full blown itch mode. It was at that time I realized it was yeast after doing the antifungal test.

As long as it doesn't get like it did in September/October, I will be happy. I could not sleep it was so bad during those times, but my face and neck feel like I have a bunch of little ticks crawling all over them. And my legs are starting to feel the tickles too.

Please pray for complete healing. Thanks.


Renee said...

Oh Dear! Hope that you are able to catch things quickly with the candida...I am always trying to outrun it myself.
I like your new mantra!

Jennifer said...

I hate outrunning Candida!