Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cleaning my life up

My last post described with a bit of detail my life for the last five years. Sometime in the last 3 months, I woke up from this horrible nightmare to look around at another horrible nightmare.

By the time I came home I generally crashed on the couch and spent the rest of my evening either asleep or on the computer with others that understood the demands on this Lyme life all because it took every ounce of energy I had just to get up in the morning and go to work. I really had failed to take a good hard look at what Lyme Disease had done to my home. On Saturday for some reason, I took a good look.

Lyme Disease had turned my home into a nightmare. I am working on correcting that nightmare. I worked with determination and great speed to clean my living room and master bedroom yesterday. Today, I worked with great effort to clean my bathroom. I have lots to do still, but I am hoping that within the next two weeks that most nooks and crannies will be able to be seen by a perfect stranger and not realize that the Lyme Life had taken over my home.

I am positive that my husband was completely embarrassed to have any sort of company over. Of course, we are not the kind of family that just have company over. He gets home fairly late and by the time we eat dinner ... I've been in the bed.

I do not make "resolutions" because "resolutions" are broken. There is also nothing to be "resolved." I make goals and I challenge myself to be a better version of me every year. Last year, I challenged myself to be a happier person. Now you can't just say "I want to be happier" and expect it to happen. I broke it down. I wanted to smile at least once a day and I wanted to make at least one other person smile at least once day. You may find that to be an "easy" challenge, but not for me. I've always been the kind of down in the dumps and not very easy to smile kind of person. But last year ... 2008 was the year that I smiled EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter how awful I felt. I smiled at least once.

So what is my challenge this year? My challenge for myself this year is to keep my house looking presentable. That pretty much means that I would really like for the Living Room and Kitchen to be looking good at all times and the Laundry to be kept up. We've already fixed one of our problems in the Laundry area ... we had no place to put the dirty clothes. So now we have two beautiful laundry baskets and as of January 1st .. we've had no piles of dirty or clean clothes on the floor. Yes I know it is only the 15th .. but TWO WEEKS is unheard of in my Lyme Life home! :)

We'll see how this "challenge" goes. Something is better than nothing.


Renee said...

Way to go! I like the way you break down your goals too.

Jennifer said...

It just makes it so much easier to accomplish. :-)

Wayne said...

Great blog I enjoyed reading and You have a good point about the resolutions. alot do get broken.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Wayne! :-)