Monday, September 22, 2008

Itching to death

On Friday morning, I decided to give myself a little test. I used the regular anti-itch cream on the right side of my belly (where a ferocious rash had appeared) and on the left side of my belly I used an anti-fungal cream. For some reason, I thought of yeast. I thought maybe Yeast was an issue and if so that the anti-fungal cream might help. In the middle of the morning I realized that part of my belly wasn't itching. So that evening, we used the antifungal all over. I continued this and I realized today that my belly rash is disappearing.

My physician's office is open a couple Saturday's a month so when I went on Saturday we discussed the rash. We pretty much determined that it was a systemic yeast issue and I picked up my prescription for Diflucan in order to rid my body of the yeast. I was ordered to continue the anti fungal regiment until it was no longer needed.

Then our suspicions were confirmed when I saw the microscope doctor later that day and she saw yeast on my blood slides.

P.S. I believe I have the best two doctors ever. One of them called me at home twice on a Sunday and the other emailed me a couple of times on a Sunday. :) I love my doctors. They rock.

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