Saturday, January 17, 2009

What you don't know about me!

25 things that you don't know about me (well Missy & Kellie probably does, but the rest of you ... maybe or maybe not).

1. I don't have my ears pierced currently.

2. I had my ears pierced for a very short time in like the 3rd grade. I hated it.

3. I played the Flute in Middle & High School and I would practice on the way home by rolling down the windows and sticking the end part OUT of the window.

4. I marched Color Guard & Winter Guard in Middle, High School & one semester of College and much to the chagrin of my mother I would practice twirling the rifle IN the house. :o)

5. I also learned how to spin a sabre my senior year of High School.

6. I had my first and only solo in Winter Guard my very last show of the season.

7. In 8th grade, I did a duet during the Winterguard season. It was awesome! :-)

8. My ballet instructor in Elementary School was a nice lady and she was a funeral home director's wife. My ballet instructor in Middle/High School wasn't so nice. She was a pastor's wife. Isn't it ironic?

9. I have my Bachelor's degree in Social Work.

10. I have an obsession with the time 1:27. If I'm in the car when it hits the time 1:27 and I realize it's 1:27, I smile a lot.

11. I worked for one summer at a Camp for the Blind. It was the most rewarding thing I had ever done. I met amazing campers and counselors.

12. My most treasured item is a T-shirt that my Granny gave me. It is a signed T-shirt by the starters of the Carolina basketball team when the 1993 team won the championship.

13. My home was broken into on Homecoming my senior year of High School. The thief only took a few things, but broke a lifetime of memories when they shattered my little red piggy bank that had belonged to my father when he was a boy. It was a cute little piggy too. It had a cork for a snout. Now you tell me, if they wanted money .. couldn't they just take the snout out and get it that way. That piggy bank had about 7 dollars in it ~ all silver dollars and 50 cent pieces, but I had always had that piggy. They must have not been a UNC fan because my prized T-shirt wasn't touched.

14. My favorite dessert when I was a child was banana pudding (with Nilla wafers) from this little restaurant in Rich Square. (I think it was Rich Square; it could have been Conway)

15. I have lived in North Carolina my whole life and I say ya'll and sometimes when I visit WCU I say yuins when I get back.

16. It was my dream to get married in a church with a steeple. I did not care where, but the only requirements were that I had to get married in a Steepled Church and it had to have a center aisle! I just could see me as a child clasping my hands together and saying, "Here is the church and here is the steeple; open the doors and see all the people." I wanted to open the doors and see all the people!

17. I only had one adult female attendant on my side in the wedding. This is the ONLY wedding related decision I regret. I wish I had chosen my other best friend to be in the wedding. I did not because he was a he and I thought that a he couldn't stand up for me. That was a huge mistake that I will regret for a life time.

18. I thought I was sexy in my Army Green Colored Corduroy Overalls in the early 90's. (eeks)

19. I have an obsession with a neat sock drawer.

20. My Dad really wanted me to play the Oboe.

21. Most of my family are musicians. My cousin misheard the word musician when he was born and became a magician instead! Actually he's a musician too, but he is an excellent magician.

22. I am terrified of needles. I can't look when others get IV's and before Priscilla (my name for my PICC line) I couldn't look when I got my own IV's inserted. I cough every time I get a heparin shot in my PICC line.

23. I was extremely shy in Middle & High School. I did not date a single person that attended my High School. The only guys I dated did not go to my school because the one experience I had with dating a guy at the school was extremely embarrassing. To lessen teen angst, I had a rule to not date a guy from my school ever again. Of course this guy moved that I had been dating and I dated him off and on through HS, but that doesn't count now does it since technically he did not go to my school anymore.

24. I dated 5 guys in one semester of college. I went from being the anti-dater to the dater extraordinaire. Of course 3 of 5 of the guys were major A-holes. One of the guys was from the previous semester/summer and the 5th guy was a very sweet guy that just wasn't right for me. He lasted from the dating semester through the summer through part of the next semester. Two days after we broke up, I started dating my husband (who ~ did not go to my school ~ I decided maybe it was time to reinstate the not date a guy from my school ever again rule).

25. When I was in college, I did a presentation on a disorder that I actually had been diagnosed with my second semester of college. I just "accepted" the diagnosis and never really looked into it. During one of my last classes, I had to pull a "social/personality" disorder out of a hat and do a presentation on it. After the presentation, I realized my diagnosis was full of pooey and I most certainly did NOT have it after I realized I did not meet the DSM IV guideline requirements for the disorder. I want to go to every single doctor that ever diagnosed me and give them a good kick in the rear for not listening to me when I knew there was something wrong. Of course I bet you all know that. Instead I pray that their next patient got more compassion than I received and that maybe they learned a bit about tick borne illness that manifests itself in a psychological/physiological/Cognitive way.

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