Saturday, January 3, 2009

update on rash

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Back to your regularly scheduled posting:

I still itch and it's like water torture. I got an email from my doctor this morning (yes on a Saturday) to come on by the office to have my face and arm checked out.

First things first:

My arm looked great. We changed the dressing and there were no blisters or rash under the dressing. That is a blessing because every time I get infected with yeast my picc line goes haywire.

Seconds: My nurse is almost positive it's just a yeast overgrowth. So I'm to continue the Diflucan. Last night at a moment of brilliance, I took some Benedryl. I don't know if it stopped the itching all night or if it just put me in a Benedryl coma. Either way, I got some much needed sleep. We also picked up some Benedryl Cream to see if that might help with the itching to not put me in a coma during the day. I have in the past used an over the counter anti-fungal cream to reduce the itching to a minimum, but in this particular situation that antifungal isn't reducing the itching enough. I want to share a picture, but the rash doesn't show up well on camera.

If the itching and rash isn't reduced significantly by Monday, I am to call up to the office again. They will either prescribe another antifungal medication or get me something. I dunno what they'll do. She said the option is that I could have something viral that gave me the rash. Hopefully between the Diflucan and the Benedryl cream, I will be feeling back to my normal self soon.

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