Thursday, January 29, 2009

My birthday surprise

I said on my birthday I would write later in the day to tell about my day, but I got busy with my wonderful husband. I was 10 minutes from work when I got a phone call. Could I come back because I had a package that was delivered? When I got there, I saw this:

And then I saw this:

And then I saw this:

And only after I saw the whole picture:

I saw THESE:

How awesome is my husband!

We met at T.G.I.F for my favorite appetizer: Mozzarella Cheese Sticks. My favorite entre: Chicken Tenders & Fries and my favorite dessert: Cheesecake. However, the cheesecake had to wait because I was stuffed from the first two C items! So I enjoyed the cheesecake last night.

I had a wonderful birthday. (keep scrolling: inspirational Thursday has been posted)


Missy Myers said...

I'm incredibly jealous! Except for the fact that ONE of your happy birthday sticks has "happy birthday" in my most loathed font - Comic Sans. It should die. Other than that, I supremely jealous.

Jennifer said...

*haa haa* You make me laugh!

Sorry that your husband isn't as sweet & thoughtful. Does he need to take Husband 101?

Renee said...

How sweet glad it was a great day.