Friday, January 16, 2009

A wee bit of fun

Tomorrow after my dressing change, I am going to be hanging out with an old friend of mine.

I am so excited because I really rarely every hang out with friends and this friend is coming a good 3 hours to visit! I really am not quite sure what is on the agenda, but whatever it is we will have fun. We always do! :-)

Yah for Missy! Her birthday was 10 days ago and she's going to get some part of her ear pierced. She wants me to take PHOTOS. *gasp* Yes I know what you guys are saying: Jennifer you have an IV permanently in your arm and you can't even think about watching someone get their ears pierced .... Isn't that messed up? I don't even want to think about it. I'm so squeamish! So sorry Missy you may not be able to get a photo of your new hole cause I may not be able to stomach watching!


Missy Myers said...

Ok. First of all, I love your new color scheme and your header isn't orange anymore! Second, whatever happens, it'll be fun! Third, yeah, you'll be fine seeing a needle go through my ear. It'll be over so fast you won't know what happened. :-)

Jennifer said...

You got to fix my header .. you promised so I took down my orange header!

Uh yeah ... right! You'll see me pass out tomorrow! ;')