Friday, January 29, 2010

Still bracing

Keep an eye here for Arctic Blast 2010.

So far I've heard that Canton NC has 3 to 4 inches of snow. It's been snowing there since 2:30. Here in my home, we haven't had snow yet. It's been reported in Durham though.

So 6:45pm: No Snow. No precipitation.

7:45pm: No Snow here at the house, but apparently there is snow about 45 minutes away.

Began playing Wii Sports Resort to pass the time while waiting for the snow.

8:30 pm: SNOW! There is snow. And yes, it took 45 minutes to get here. Quite funny.

9:00 pm: My car is covered. Got my traditional date shot. :) Will be heading to bed soon. Hope to wake up to the ground covered. :D

5:30am: Woke up to check out the snow. It's covered, but I can't tell how mu8ch we received so far. I will wait until it's light outside to really get a good look. I hear the wintry mix outside. I'm sure there is some snow/sleet combo. No pictures yet because the camera couldn't focus from inside the house. It's too cold for me to try to go out just yet.

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