Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prayers for a friend

I got a message from a HS friend of mine about another friend. There are several words that make my throat go straight to my stomach when used in a sentence together. Two of those words are "spots" and "brain."

Who is this? A friend from high school and one of the smartest people I know.

What is wrong? Apparently, she began to experience extreme vertigo. She had some CT & MRI scans done of her brain and they discovered 4 spots on her brain. Two seem normal and the other two are abnormal.

What is happening next? Because the MRI's and CT scans are not showing the doctors exactly what the spots are, she is going to have exploratory surgery next week.

I have not talked to her personally, but I have sent in a couple of emails. I am sure she's been overloaded with emails and phone calls from people she's not seen or talked to in years upon receiving the recent news of her health. Just keep her in your prayers.

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