Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

This year (the year as in the last 365 days not as in 2010) there has been so much rain. It's so much rain that my husband can't park our truck in the grass or it will sink. It almost feels like Seattle or something like that we've had so much rain. Now I realize somewhat a blessing 2008 the first part of 2009 was because it barely rained at all (or at least when I had to be outside). The newscasters complained of drought, but being that I had a catheter I had to protect the lack of rain was excellent.

Fast forward to later 2009 when I had to drive my car onto our grass so that the heat man could fill up our propane tank for the mini arctic blast we're sure to feel at some point (and which we did feel last week or the week before). I pretty much ruined the area I drove on. A couple of months ago, it rained for days straight. There was never a time of relief.

While I don't mind the rain if I'm inside, it is a pain in the rear to drive in. While I don't mind the rain if I'm inside, it is a pain in the rear to stand outside in (especially in the freezing cold weather with sheets of wind). I'm hoping the rain will disappear (at least for a bit) while I drive the 45 minutes to work (who knows if it's still raining it could take me an hour or more). I woke up at 3am with that uncomfortable sweating that I generally only get when there is a torrential downpour. I woke up at 3am hearing the sounds of the beautiful chimes outside thrashing to the beat of the winds. I woke up to hear my dog outside my door hovering, shivering and whining.

So I got up to find my WCU poncho* for later** and checked my morning updates online. Now to begin to chant, "Rain Rain Go Away."

* Once upon a time, I went to a Western Carolina football game with my husband and it began to sprinkle. Now the entire time I went to WCU, I did not own a poncho even though it rained there all the time. We even had the joke that WCU actually stood for We Carry Umbrellas. So we went to the bookstore (where I used to work) and bought two really great ponchos.

** I have to stand outside with a girl in this torrential downpour while we wait for her bus. I'd rather be standing there in a WCU poncho than get drenched, but I'd rather the rain just go away.

P.S. Today apparently was a teacher work day. So I didn't have to stand out in the rain in my poncho! Yippee.


Kara said...

Oh, you crack me up! So glad you didn't have to stand out in the rain!!

Jennifer said...

So glad I could make someone laugh at my almost misfortune! :)~