Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pouring in

We have "gifts" pouring in. So right before Christmas, my hubby got a bonus from work. I'm not sure how it really worked, but he got to choose a place to get a gift certificate. He chose Amazon since they essentially carry anything you need. Then shortly after Christmas, he transferred some frequent flyer miles to a gift certificate. He also chose Amazon. So now the gifts are just pouring in. Most of the things we've purchased are camera related. Things that we would never otherwise purchase because it seems silly to purchase that kind of stuff when you have more important things to buy (food or medication).

On the cold front, I am feeling even better today. I still have some congestion and coughing, but every day I feel stronger and better. I even worked a full 8 hours today with only a few coughing spells.

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Renee said...

Glad to hear you are getting better ~ What fun for you with shopping at Amazon. My favorite place to shop.