Monday, January 18, 2010

Greensboro trip

Remember in February of 2009, I had a list. This was a list of things I was unable to do (or at least comfortably) while I had my PICC line in. Here was the list.

1. Take a nice long shower without a picc line cover
2. Find a hot tub somewhere and enjoy it.
3. Swim in a pool.
4. Go Bowling.
5. Walk on the beach
6. Go to a Winterguard show! :o)
7. Spin a rifle. (Okay maybe not .. but it would be fun.)
8. Hug my friends without fear of being hurt
9. Sleep on my right side without hurting

I did most of the things almost immediately. Some of them several times. However one thing on the list kept falling through. Number 4. I spent the majority of my free time during my junior & senior year of High School bowling. I spent a lot of time in college doing the same thing. I even took a class when I needed an extra physical education credit. I absolutely love to bowl. I am not the best bowler, but I do enjoy getting my bowl on. :o) I kept making plans to bowl, but things kept happening to keep me from going.

Yesterday when I arrived in Greensboro, my friend suggested we go bowling. I jumped on the opportunity! I enjoyed three full games of bowling and laughter. To my surprise, I made several strikes. Also to my surprise, I hit several gutter balls. I still had a great time though. So I finally finished my post picc line list.

P.S. If you haven't gone bowling in a few years, it is NOT a good idea to bowl three games in one day. Today my muscles are feeling it! Oh and make sure you wear clothes that will match the bowling ball. I just happened to wear this bright pink sweater and wound up bowling with a bright pink ball. And no I didn't get a picture. I should have, but I didn't.

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Dawson Family said...

im glad you are feeling up to bowling. I love to bowl, though I usually stink at it. The last time my hubby tried he also had a picc line and he hurt himself...guess what?? We FINALLY got my hubby approved for disability! After almost 4 years!!! We just found out last Thur. and now we wait 6-8 more weeks and may be we will get our first check...yeah! Nothing like waiting 4 years...but the decision was made on his Lyme diagnosis which was a huge victory for us!