Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cold Update

I feel better ever day. If I get "over this" without antibiotics, it will be a miracle. I've been using Dioxychlor twice a day. I'm still coughing a bit, but it no where near like it was on Wednesday & Thursday. I was coughing so hard on those days I was actually vomiting.

My nose has cleared up quite a bit. I think I'm on the downhill slope of getting well. I just have to be cautious and keep up with the Dioxychlor. Also have to steer clear of others that have colds or I'll get it again.

The big news from today is that North Carolina now has smoke-free restaurants and bars. This means I can go out to eat without feeling sick from 2nd hand smoke. My husband and I went out to eat this morning and didn't have to specify where we wanted to sit. We smelled clean air in the restaurant instead of having to hold our breaths when we walked by the bar to get to our seats.


Smalls said...

Just found your blog and had to comment on the smoke-free laws. I have now lived in two cities (Portland, OR and Boulder, CO) that banned smoking in public places. It was WONDERFUL! I hope that more states and cities adopt these laws. With as much as we know about the toxins and dangers of smoke and second hand smoke, I'm shocked that these laws haven't been put into effect sooner.

Glad you are recovering from the cold. Hope your new year brings many new joys!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for commenting. Hope you will keep stopping by.

I absolutely loved going out to eat with my husband in clean air.