Tuesday, September 23, 2008

11 yrs w/ my husband

Today marks the 11th year that I have been with my husband. It is hard to believe that on this very day I sent him a long email running off at the fingers and ending it up with "Yes I will go out with you." I had no idea that those last few words would be the beginning of something special.

Rob and I met when I was a senior in high school. I met him through one of my best friends and at first there were no sparks. In fact, I didn't like him much at all. I thought he was old and quite honestly I thought of him as a pervert. He and I hung out only because I was there for another reason and the place we were was the only decent hanging out place in that little town (at least at that time .. has it changed?) We would complain to each other a specific complaint. The convo was the same everytime UNTIL he taught me how to keep score in bowling. Then I found the ultimate pleasure when he began to give me back massages. I called it his magic fingers. :) "Can you give me the magic fingers?" I had no idea how perverse this really sounded until I was older. And I thought he was the pervert. Who knew?

It took us 2 years to fall for each other and another year for him to gather to courage to ask me out. Apparently every time he was going to ask me out I was dating someone new. Since I didn't really date in high school, in college I was a dating fool. (5 guys one semester not half bad eh? 4 of them were freaks)After a very short time of dating, we knew we were meant to be together forever.

On September 20th, I went to a wedding and realized the guy I was dating was not husband material. On September 21st, I hung out with Rob in the morning and that night I broke it off with the guy I was dating. On September 22nd, Rob asked me where I was the night of the 21st (we had always talked on the computer online while I was in college and that night I wasn't there). When he discovered that I had broke it off with that guy, he didn't hesitate to ask me. But being the kind of girl I was, I told him I had to think about it. I knew what I wanted my answer to be, but I didn't know if I wanted him to be my rebound guy. So the night of September 23rd, I said yes. At this very moment 11 years ago, I knew I had to give it a shot. Ironically almost as soon as I said yes, the computer lab closed early. :( It took us a couple of weekends before we could go on our real first date. He took me to see Haywood Banks (A musical comedy genius if you ask me).

My cousin died less than a month after he asked me out. I was absolutely devastated and he was still there for me. We were together a little over a year when he popped the question in the same town we met. I said yes, but he didn't hear me so I had to say yes again! It wasn't long before I had shared the news (and the ring) with almost everyone.

So on Tax Day 2000 we got married with most of our family and most of our friends. I have never felt as beautiful as I did on that day. Just thought you guys might like to hear the long long story of how my husband and I got together. Now we've been together 11 years and I can not imagine my life without him. When we said in sickness and in health, we didn't know I would be the in sickness and he would be the in health. His joke is .. "when is the in health part going to start?"


Alice said...

CUTE!!!!! Hope I also get as lucky one day!!!

Missy Myers said...

Ok, first of all you are BOTH perverts. :-) Secondly, even though I know this story, it was still nice to read it. Thanks for sharing it. :-) 11 years is something special.

Jennifer said...

You will Alice. You will. :)

and MISSY you know it only took him a few years to corrupt me.